Biodiversity of Hispaniola

I was Teaching Fellow of the Harvard Summer Course Biodiversity of Hispaniola for 5 summers between 2013 and 2017. In this field course we explore the aquatic and terrestrial environments of the Dominican Republic learning about its organisms and processes of formation. The extremely complex geography of this island makes it possible to quickly travel between pine forests, rainforests, deserts, mangroves and coral reefs, resulting in a unique learning experience.

Gorongosa Phylogenetics Workshop

I taught a Phylogenetics workshop for Mozambican students at the Gorongosa National Park in 2016. The course was taught in the park and included the basics of Phylogenetic Systematics and methods of phylogenetic inference using both morphological and molecular data.

Other courses

During my PhD, MSc and undergrad, I was Teaching Fellow of several other courses:

Harvard University

  • Biogeography (OEB 141)

  • Foundations of Biological Diversity (OEB 10)

University of São Paulo

  • Diversification and Biogeography of the Neotropical Biota

  • Evolutionary Biology 

  • Invertebrates II 

  • Evolutionary Processes 

  • Principles of Systematics and Biogeography